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"Jeremy Rabb, an actor who knows comedy like the back of his hand...the seriousness of his intentions gives his performance dimension. He plays the scene, not the comedy and it is's an advanced acting lesson in connecting, making the unique choice, and being believable in every moment."

—Broadway World

"Jeremy Rabb, another company stalwart and an inspired Dr. Purgeon, plays sinister well; his whip-wielding Purgeon brings a stark, vaudevillian quality to the role."

—American Theatre

"Rabb is outstanding. His performance throughout was topnotch."

—Portland Press Herald


"Rabb's sharply drawn Duke of Buckingham is every bit the evil henchman."


"Jeremy Rabb’s performance as Camillo stood out too, as he delivered Shakespeare’s Early Modern English with an ease and clarity that benefited every scene in which he was present."

—Monrovia Weekly

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Photo by Craig Schwartz


Photo by Craig Schwartz


—Los Angeles Times


—Boston Herald

"...Excellently Clear and Natural..."

—LA Theatrix

"...Very Funny..." 



—Stage Scene LA


—American Theatre


—L.A Stage Times



—Indianapolis Star


—Theater Times

"Rabb was hilarious...shows superb timing, and acting. He is a joy to watch."

—Cape Cod Times


"This superb revival showcases fine performances, especially Rabb, who raises chuckles every time he moves."

—L.A. Weekly


"Rabb is a wonderfully funny character actor."


"Perhaps most captivating is the underscore to the entire debate over money's role in both happiness and morality exemplified by Jeremy Rabb's country doctor dreaming of a life in research."

—San Gabriel Valley Tribune

"A tour-de-force display of physical comedy by Rabb that would do Buster Keaton proud."

—Stage Scene LA

"Rabb turns in another hilarious performance. The man is a master at communicating, especially in comedic situations."

—Cape Cod Times

"Rabb is [the] perfect complement as the loser knight. It's so wonderful to see actors who actually understand all the humor in the Shakespeare they are delivering."

—L.A. Opening Nights


"Rabb plays Sir Andrew masterfully, channeling a bumbling idiot with enough earnestness to make the character extremely likable...Rabb's strong comedic performance helps make the production shine."

—The Daily Trojan


"Rabb's Sir Andrew is all rubbery limbs and honest idiocy."

—LA Weekly

"Rabb's deliriously posturing Sir Andrew is emblematic of the festive foolery displayed by the entire ensemble."


"Jeremy Rabb can generate laughs just throwing his nose up in the air to prevent a further nosebleed."


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