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Jeremy grew up on the mean streets of Princeton, New Jersey, attended Princeton Day School, Princeton University and at one point even worked for The Princeton Review. (The password is...Princeton.) The son of an Englishman, he took advantage of his dual citizenship by immersing himself in theatre both at home and in London. His love of Shakespeare culminated in a senior thesis entitled "The Dilemma of the Shakespearean Fool" that inspired his college adviser to proclaim: "'s not nothing." Not surprisingly, he left academia and moved to Manhattan where he continued to act and perform stand-up comedy at New York's Comic Strip, Stand-Up NY and the Boston Comedy Club.


He later attended the American Repertory Theater Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University (noted for its succinct title) where he completed the graduate acting program in only 2 years! (It was only a 2-year program.)


Jeremy was then fortunate enough to play the world-famous Barbican Theatre in London as part of the national and European tour of Julie Taymor's The King Stag. Among his various stints in regional and New York theater, he particularly enjoyed performing in The Araca Group's workshop of Debbie Does Dallas, in which he honed his pornographic acting to a fine point.


Since moving to Los Angeles, Jeremy has appeared on screen in various roles ranging from an ER Resident navigating the bubonic plague to a cross-dressing priest delivering a eulogy to an entrepreneur eager to heat people's skin with microwaves. On stage, he was part of the original cast of Rock of Ages, singing alongside Kyle Gass of Tenacious D and Chris Hardwick. He can usually be seen at A Noise Within, where he is a member of the resident acting company. 


He  also serves as a head mentor for Young Storytellers, a foundation that provides underserved children in the public school system the opportunity to write stories and have them brought to life through performance.


Jeremy lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Nova.

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