Jeremy discusses his acting career in Kabookit's 'Success Story' series.


Jeremy films the role of an unusual devotee in Her, directed by Spike Jonze and starring Joaquin Phoenix.


Stan Lee's Time Jumper

Jeremy provides voices for an animated new-media series from Disney.


Pigeonhole, a short film written by Jeremy, wins an A.R.T. Lab Grant.


Screenings of Fell, Jumped or Pushed, a comedy feature co-starring and co-written by Jeremy:


Victoria Film Festival, British Columbia


DIY Film Festival


Newport Beach Film Festival


deadCENTER Film Festival


International Film Festival, England


Seattle True Independent Film Festival

*wins best mockumentary


Os Internasjonale Film Festival, Norway


West Hollywood Film Festival

*selected as opening film


Vision Fest


Washougal International Film Festival

*wins best feature


Cine Gear Expo


Accolade Film Awards


Sacramento Film & Music Festival


Tacoma Film Festival

*selected as opening film

The Odd Couple

'The Birthday Party' - Jeremy sings a cappella with Felix in an awkward college reunion.

Hot in Cleveland

'Family Affair' - Jeremy plays a volatile diner manager.



'Do Her/Don't Do Her' - Jeremy guest-stars as a cross dressing priest on the season finale.


Off the Map

'There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle' - In the serties finale, Jeremy plays a dad biking across South America with his family.



'The Winds' - Jeremy plays a shifty defense attorney.


Grey's Anatomy - 10 Episodes:

'The Heart of the Matter' - While some of the interns might think intubation involves a tuba, Ron the E.R. Resident, (a.k.a. "McTall&Leany") knows better.


'Let the Angels Commit' - Ron learns that it takes more than a latte to impress Christina.


'Time Has Come Today' - Ron helps launch the season premiere by passing off a patient with the bubonic plague before returning to the 21st century.


'Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response' - In the season finale, television's lankiest ER Resident reluctantly cedes control of the trauma room to Christina, but not before launching yet another glare from his mighty glare arsenal.


'17 Seconds' - Ron brings Bailey & Christina up to speed on an unusual gun-shot victim.


'What Have I Done to Deserve This?' - Ron scolds Izzie before shooting her a glare so powerful that the lamps atop the Seattle Space Needle flicker.


'Break on Through' - Ron catches a patient in a compromising position.


'Bring the Pain' - Ron preps a gun-shot victim while cautioning the interns that Seattle's finest are watching. His wave soothes all.


'Make Me Lose Control' - Ron muses on a broken heart.


'Enough is Enough' - Fueled by his words on bowel obstruction, ratings soar.

The Winter's Tale at A Noise Within

A Christmas Carol at ANW

Frankenstein at ANW

Othello at ANW

What's a Knucka? written by Rob Bell at Greenway Court Theater, directed by Tony nominee Kristin Hanggi and starring Pete Holmes.

Noises Off at ANW

Man of La Mancha at ANW

Henry V at ANW

Mrs. Warren's Profession at ANW

A Tale of Two Cities at ANW

Directs reading of No Man's Land at ANW

King Lear at ANW


The Imaginary Invalid at ANW

Read American Theatre's article on the production.


Arcadia at ANW

Directs reading of Misalliance at ANW


You Never Can Tell at ANW


All My Sons at ANW


A Flea in Her Ear at ANW


The Threepenny Opera at ANW


Directs reading of Woyzeck at ANW

Read an interview


The Tempest at ANW


Named Resident Artist at ANW

Macbeth at ANW

Endgame at ANW

Who Killed Marilyn? at Pasadena Playhouse's Hothouse series, directed by Kristin Hanggi


A Multicultural Identity Primer featuring Baratunde Thurston


November at the Mark Taper Forum, with Ed Begley jr. and Felicity Huffman


Twelfth Night at ANW

Listen to an interview here.


Measure for Measure at ANW


Touched at the King King, co-written and directed by Kristin Hanggi


Death of a Salesman at Classical Theatre Lab


Richard III at ANW


The Taming of the Shrew at ANW


Broadway's Rock of Ages at Ren-Mar & Las Vegas